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Since 1995, The Pioneer and Leader in Catastrophic Fleet Appraisals!


Where did we come from?

Originally, back in the 90's, Catappraisals was the "the behind the scenes" estimating arm for Dent Wizard - PDR company. This allowed the PDR repair arm to reside inside the large repair opportunities. This was a successful mythology for learning exactly where the most recent damaging hail hit in North America. More impacting was that it put them in the house with the decision makers and details of the damage.

It became clear that Catappraisals simply needed to stand independently in our surveys of large automotive losses.  Early 2010, Trish Burns the founder and manager of Catappraisals as an employee of Dent Wizard, purchased the company from Dent Wizard International. After 18 years at Dent Wizard, the cord was severed, and Trish has taken Catappraisals to the forefront of fleet claims. Out from under the umbrella of PDR, no longer driven by a paintless repair company and still with no direct association with any repair company; we've elliminated the distractions and cleared the path to simply capture accurate estimates and take care of the folks on the ground impacted by a catastrophe.  This also paved the way for our total focus on service to the customer with proficiency and integrity. The result? Savings and much better service. Proficient appraisals with integrity. We are not taking the time to sell the PDR repair job, we're not soured when we don't get the PDR job, we don't share repair numbers with anyone, everything we do is private. Our estimates are completely private as well. We have been hired to collect repair estimate data. We don't own the data, and we don't sell the data to anyone.


Why Catappraisals?

Because this is what you get:

  • After 24 years we've got this fleet catastrophe claim program down pat. We lead all others and can also hear your customers will thank you for sending us.
  • We were the very first to offer a paintless dent repair (PDR) estimating solution for hail damage, a true pioneer.
  • Nearly 1 million vehicle repair estimates completed.
  • Experts. We know vehicles and how to line out dealer inventories to plant stock to city employee and maintenance vehicles.
  • Catappraisals is not a side business to paintless repairs, structural appraisals, or property catastrophes, water mitigation, or any other line of business.
  • This is all we do, fleet catastrophe claims.
  • Live appraisals being constructed and you can watch or tap in for summaries at any moment.
  • Easy online, comprehensive and sortable daily reports help everyone involved with key information.
  • Fast turnaround time as teams work thru inventories on site and on line.
  • Talk to a person. 24/7. Yes, we are old school.
  • Catappraisals will attend to your claim anywhere in the United States or in Canada in Alberta and Saskatchewan.
  • Catappraisals is expert in all types of catastrophic situations; Hail, Wind, Flood, Hurricane, Tornado, Mass vandalism or theft, Overspray, or Infestation.
  • We can also research the reason for a catastrophe and how to not let it repeat itself.


It’s All in the Details

Catappraisals' tackles all types of losses including damage estimates for hail, wind, hurricane, tornado, overspray, flood, infestations, vandalism and theft. But then we drill down on the process efficiencies, to get it complete and right the first time for more than 98% of our auto estimates. Why? In the heat of a busy hail season, minimizing supplement processes saves our customers money and crucial time because of good solid damage appraisals without overpaying completed by auto experts with proper inspection environment utilized.   This keeps the insured customer driving forward with their business instead of dragging the claim on with revisits to their insurance paperwork, estimates, and repairs. Customer support with easy online and comprehensive daily reports also aids everyone involved with key information at their fingertips.  This enables valuable staff of the insured to stay focused on the day to day operations rather than consuming the day with rummaging through insurance documents. Catappraisals' old school customer service allows one to get a live person to get any needed help or information thru their claim inspections at any time during their operating hours regardless of their time zone designation.

US and in Canada (Alberta and Saskatchewan)

Appraisal Services provided anywhere!

  • Any type fleet catastrophe claim
  • Large open lot insurance claims
  • Auto dealer inventory claims
  • Township and city vehicles
  • Private company fleet catastrophes
  • Assembly plant, port and railhead catastrophes
  • Customized vehicle plant catastrophes
  • Auto Dealer group risk management and cat claim procedures / plans
  • Audits, sample or secondary estimates
  • Research fleet claim cause and correction suggestions
  • We service claims throughout the US and Canada (Calgary & Saskatchewan)

Is your Catastrophe Claims firm slow in their turnaround time with your claims? Do you have an appraisal firm actually owned by a PDR company and your clients are getting a sales pitch for repairs right out of the gate? Do you need an independent audit done on a few of those vehicles so you can sleep at night? Are your claims getting lost in a shuffle with a firm that is overwhelmed? Is your claims service to your customer operating like clockwork? Do you find that your customers are impressed with your appraisal firm and their dedication to completing the task at hand?


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How Soon Can You Get Out There?

If any of our nationwide or Canadian Cat Teams are local we can be there in hours. More often than not, we'll be on site the very next morning. How quickly can the insured light up some space, clean cars and get some drivers to shuttle the vehicles? Shoot us an email with the current inventory and we're off and running. Instant numbers and our estimating app allows insurers to watch each estimate live on our server. They can also print off up to the minute summaries for estimating total loss amounts for reserving funds to supply auto dealer with numbers for hail sales, advertising, organizing repair programs, etc. at any time, 24/7.

Catappraisals News!

Apple Application

Each year we review and work to get better at this process of fleet catastrophe's, as this is all we do.  Our greatest effort was just released and it is an upgrade of our entire program with our own proprietary Apple App.  It takes an upload of your inventory, our appraisers work off of Ipads, no more faxing, each estimated vehicle can be accessed live on our server as appraisers enter vehicle damage reports in your inspection bays.  No delay.  Then our desk adjusters back at the office, pull the scope sheet and write the conventional repair portions as they come out of the shoot.  (We pioneered this segregation of manpower designation years ago to minimize our time spent 'in your way' at the dealership and many others have copied this now.)  At any time a summary report can be printed for all vehicles completed up to the minute, get a report for that Monday morning meeting if you like.  Access to this data and reporting is 24/7.  Also all of the back up scope sheets, PDR by panel, finalized body shop estimates and video / photos all in one place, by vin.  Super comprehensive and convenient.  It's been 2+ years in the making.  We believe this will elevate services for auto dealers in their quest to keep selling while the skillet is sizzling hot.  Also, we have doubled our desk adjuster staff so that when Mother Nature delivers a rath like your storm and then just keeps plowing away, we can greatly improve any bottleneck delays of pumping out quality conventional estimates.